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Commercial Boiler Installations

Here at Northwich Boilers, We carry out new commercial boiler installations, commercial boiler repairs and annual commercial boiler servicing.

Commercial Boiler Installations

We supply, design and install all different types of central heating systems for larger homes and industrial buildings. 

Commercial Boiler Servicing

Just like your domestic boiler systems you have to keep up to date with your annual boiler servicing on your commercial boilers, this will help keep your system running efficiently and find any faults. 

Commercial Boiler Repairs

Here at Northwich Boilers, We have all the knowledge and understanding to carry out commercial boiler repairs.


Our Commercial Boiler Installations

Here at Northwich Boilers, we can offer the design and installation of heating systems to provide heat and hot water for large buildings, industrial units, and institutions such as schools and hospitals. 

Different Commercial Boiler Installations

To get you the maximum efficiency and reliability for the size of your building we can design and create a commercial boiler cascade system involving the installation of multiple boilers configured in a cascade arrangement to meet the heating demands of larger buildings or facilities. 

Single Commercial Boiler Installation
A single commercial boiler installation will look similar to a domestic boiler installation. The piper work and boiler Kw will be larger.
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Multiple Cascade Commercial Boiler Installation
This will involve 2 or more boilers being configured together to increase the amount Kw needed for the size of the building.
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If you would like to discuss a new Commercial boiler or have any questions about a commercial boiler installation, please complete the form below, if you have an emergency or need help quickly please call us on the mobile number below.